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  • Personal Training: Work with me one-on-one in the comfort and privacy of your own home. I deliver the equipment and programming to meet your specific movement goals.

  • Remote Coaching: I write a month long exercise program based on your needs and goals and offer weekly check-ins by phone or email to discuss questions and add modifications as necessary.

  • Movement and Fitness Assessments: Movement assessments help identify alignment issues and movement deficiencies that may impair your performance and lead to injury. Fitness assessments measure various components of fitness to identify baseline and areas for improvement.

  • Group Fitness Instructor Consultations: Attract and retain more clients to your studio with instructors whose knowledge is a cut above the rest. I offer hour long workshops on a variety of topics.

  • Educational Programs for Children: Great for schools, scouts, and families. Understanding how your body works is the key to understanding why exercise and movement is so important. I make this information accessible for all in a way that is fun and memorable!

  • Volunteer Events: Use your movement to help others with physical activity based volunteer events.

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